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30 Days of Me: Day 21

“A picture of something that makes you happy”


Raspberry White-Chocolate Cheesecake, made from scratch

Making delicious treats for my friends makes me happy.
And photography makes me very happy, especially when it turns out well!

I also rather enjoy writing, which is what Briony’s post for today is about.

So Cats, what’s something that makes you happy?

‘Til Tomorrow
Ninja ❤



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30 Days of Me: Day 12

“How you found out about blogging and why you made one”

Have sketchpad, will write

Even now I usually have a sketchpad/journal & a pen on me. This shot's from our epic New Years detour. It was amazing.

As a child I wasn’t the sort to go out and rough house with the neighbourhood kids, mostly because there weren’t any my own age but also because I loved living in my own world. A world reached by losing myself in a story, be it a book or one of my own devising.

So, naturally, I kept journals. Writing for hours on end about everything I’d seen, heard or experienced that day. Or fanciful tales. Either were just as valid.
As I got older I didn’t write as much about what I’d observed or invented, I wrote more about how I felt and what had happened.

One day I came home from football training to find my Mum sitting on the floor of my bedroom, reading my journal.
I had, stupidly, left it sitting on my desk in the morning instead of hiding it away. There were some heated words exchanged and I vowed never to keep a paper journal again.

So I didn’t. I registered with LiveJournal (after googling “online journal”) and posted to my little hearts content on there. Continue reading

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National Poetry Day…

I don’t care that it’s coming up 3:30am.
You know why? Because I’m just going to call drinking rules on anyone who brings it up. That’s right.  (For those of you who don’t know, drinking rules in regard to a ‘Day’ state that a Day only ends when the last person has passed out OR the sun has completely risen) I haven’t been to sleep yet. Rather I’ve been watching fabulous movies and whilst thinking long and hard about this post.

You see, while I’ve really enjoyed the choices that have come floating through my twitterfeed, they’ve all been similar styles. Which is to say delightful ballads, written word, both new and old.

So I thought it was only fair that I share a few of my favourites. Continue reading

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The new image of Tearaway Magazine: Part II

But wait, there’s more!
I don’t usually get responses to my ranting and raving on here, so imagine my surprise when I log in and find TWO comments in response to my post from the other day (http://bit.ly/honsYx). One in the form of a comment on my page. The other was a thinly veiled rant from another blogger by the name of Brendan Malone, a predominant pro-lifer.

I felt so validated!

Unfortunately Mr Malone had misunderstood significant aspects of my blog post, so I set about setting him right.
For some reason he took such offense that he deleted not only my comment but the entire post!!

Fortunately for you I had already saved the text, enjoy!
(Edit: A huge thanks to Fox for figuring out a sweet way to pull the entire image of the page. Isn’t he amazing?)

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Three days to doom us all

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m loving writing again.

I adore the writing group that I’ve fallen in with, it’s more enjoyable when you’re writing with people instead of for people.
The Querkites, as the members have been dubbed, are terribly interesting bunch. They provide timely prods, inspiration and respite. And have been, frankly, the highlight of NaNoWriMo 2010.

NaNoWriMo, for the uninitiated (sane?) ones amongst us, is National Novel Writing Month.
Fifty thousand words in thirty days, making an average of one thousand six-hundred and sixty-seven words per day. Assuming you write every single day that is.

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Fresh beginnings

It’s weird to think that I’ve actually had this blog for the better part of two years.

But, while the posts have been sporadic, it’s really not a reflection of me. At all. I’ve been writing as the person that I tried portraying myself as to my classmates at Uni. And, while I liked the confidence and being able to hide behind this persona, it’s time to let that person die the literary death they should have long ago.

So with 2011 comes a fresh start and, hopefully, a more accurate reflection of the me I am.

So hi.

I’m Fallen Red Ninja.
My friends call me various names, depending on where they know me from and how well. The most common are Estrun, Aeval and Ninja.

I’m 21 going on 22. A soon to be post-grad student at Unitec, New Zealand.

I love coffee, theatre, crafts, music, Mexican Wolves and a boy.
I dislike chocolate, iTunes, skyscrapers, humans and angry eels.

Recently, thanks to some actually fantastic friends, I’ve rediscovered my lust for writing.
So expect to see a chunk of that on here. I’m trying flash fic. Getting back into poetry. And devouring articles for smoko.
And maybe some lyrics. We’ll see.


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