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30 Days of Me: Day 25

“What I would find in your bag”

The contents of my bag varies hugely, depending on what I’ve got on that day.
So, because I’ve got a show on my mind, I’ve picked my standard “going to rehearsal” pile of crap.

Yes, I do need two types of caffeine!

A fairly succinct summary of the stuff you'd find in my bag for a show

This includes:

Pens, markers and pencils
Ruler & highlighters
Small notepad
A5 sketchpad
Gaffer & Lekkie tape
Mini-screwdriver set, selection of screws
String & thin rope
Paperclips & Rubber Bands
Bobby-pins, hair ties & a comb
Mini first aid kit, inhaler & aspirin
USB to mini USB converter, USB hub, Apple data cable, AUX cable, LAN cable
Phone Charger
Candy, crackers and muesli
Phone (Stopwatch, torch, internet, voice recorder, games)
Fiction Book
Spare black t-shirt, socks & stockings
MP3 Player & headphones
Script/Stagebook/Relevant Paperwork

The hardest part of being a Stage Manager is picking which things you think you’re going to need that day. Sometimes it turns out that a hammer would have been a great idea, most of the time you’ll know in advance if you’re going to need it.

Dan, however, doesn’t have these problems! Check out his short list here.
Ms Sofie has a rather special post, although not in the good way. Read her post over here.
And I’ve no idea where Briony is, I’m going to blame the snow and give her the benefit of the doubt for now. Hopefully she’ll be back into the swing tomorrow, once the snow in Welly has settled down.

“Til Tomorrow
Ninja ❤


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30 Days of Me: Day 24

“A letter to your parents”

This is an interesting one, seeing as I don’t actually have the standard nuclear family. So I’ve chosen to write three short letters. One to my Father, one to my (now ex-step) Dad and one to my Mumski.

Onwards! Continue reading

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30 Days of Me: Day 23

(Pfft, you know what helps? Remembering to POST your post before getting distracted by geekery)

“Something you crave for a lot”

One of the most special group hugs...

Group hug time before we hit the road for my move up to Auckland for Uni. Nino is all of the confused.


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30 Days of Me: Day 07

“A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you”

I actually thought this was going to be a really easy one, that I’d finally only post one thing to answer the question.
But no.
There’s three things that I couldn’t choose between, so here they all are!


In 2004 I transferred schools, moving from one of the best music departments in the city to a school where music was practically non-existent.
All the top-stream students had to take an arts class, I didn’t want to do music theory yet again and hadn’t done art at school in fourth form so that was right out. So I chose Drama.

Yes, I do need two types of caffeine!

A picture of my Stage Manager's Desk at 3 Sisters. It's kinda weird thinking back to 5th form and seeing how far I've come.

The classroom was set up like a miniature lecture theatre, with a very minimal lighting rig and the sound provided by 2 slightly tinny speakers.
There were 17 girls in my class, most of whom didn’t actually want to perform but had picked it as the ‘easy option’, so this was never going to be a class that created brilliant performances. I still remember our first assignment. We were split into pairs, given 10 days in which to pick a song and create a performance telling a story around this song. Continue reading


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30 Days of Me: Day 3

“A picture of you and your friends”

There’s no one picture that truly captures the insane glory of my friends.

These pictures below are of a rare breed of people, known as MUDS-kids, who are the most amazing people I’ve ever come across. They were the first group of people that I called friends, as opposed to a few individuals who were friends and the rest were “those people I hang out with”.

Madmen I tells ya!

A few of my beloved MUDS kids. Adams in the front. Sachan to my left, Jessi to my right and blood covered zombie me in the middle.

MUDS is the Massey University Drama Society, a performing arts group based at Massey in Palmy. While most of the members are students or alumni, it is possible for members of the public to become involved with the club.

My first show with MUDS was Vampire: Bride of the Isles in 2009.
I’d met a few of the members during the Festival of New Arts in 2008 but Vampire was my first introduction to the madmen that were going to become my family.

The show itself was a melodrama complete with ridiculous acting, stylistic mono-chromatic backdrops and stage-crew dressed as ninjas holding up the castle’s stained-glass window.

I don’t remember much of the show itself anymore, bar the boat and William’s Wig, but there was a lot of fun backstage. We sang, danced, played cards and ate enough candy to drown a bear. Continue reading


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So I heard you have an unsecured wireless network…

Actually, I really hope you don’t. Unless it’s deliberate, then I’ll let you off.

Unsecured wireless networks are rather common, both in New Zealand and elsewhere.
Sometimes it’s from a conscious decision to share (Starbucks, Mc Donalds, the library) but generally it’s because the owner of the network has no idea that their network is insecure, let alone how to secure it!

There’s really no excuse for unintentionally having an unsecured network, especially when there’s so many how-to’s floating around and poor students who’d happily show you for a quick buck. So there’s a lot of people that see unsecured networks as an open invitation to make themselves at home, chill out with a few cookies and flick off emails or whatever else they want to do.

But, as you can imagine, there’s a lot of unintentional hotspot providers who are decidedly miffed about the whole thing which has legislators around the world frantically creating policy around what’s legal and illegal use. Continue reading

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