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30 Days of Me: Day 09

“Something you’re proud of in the past few days”

I’m rather proud that I’ve managed to keep this blog a day thing up for longer than a week, I’ve had a lot of trouble with continuing projects recently. Which means that I’ve got a bunch of half-finished things and roughly sketched ideas. So hopefully I’ll be able to carry this through to other things.

I could have stared for hours

The view from the lookout over to one of the falls, there's another just to the right of where we're standing.

Of course having Sofishie and Briony doing this with me has also been a great incentive, I’ve loved trading comments with them and cheering each other on.

Another thing I’m really proud of is also pretty mundane. We went out for a short tramp today in the Waitakere’s, to the Mokoroa Falls lookout then down the stupidly steep track to the stream.

And yes, I do mean stupidly steep. There were parts when it felt like we were nearly vertical going down and it was even worse heading back up! Continue reading



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National Poetry Day…

I don’t care that it’s coming up 3:30am.
You know why? Because I’m just going to call drinking rules on anyone who brings it up. That’s right.  (For those of you who don’t know, drinking rules in regard to a ‘Day’ state that a Day only ends when the last person has passed out OR the sun has completely risen) I haven’t been to sleep yet. Rather I’ve been watching fabulous movies and whilst thinking long and hard about this post.

You see, while I’ve really enjoyed the choices that have come floating through my twitterfeed, they’ve all been similar styles. Which is to say delightful ballads, written word, both new and old.

So I thought it was only fair that I share a few of my favourites. Continue reading

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The politics of the internet in New Zealand

If you’re a kiwi you should be outraged.
Even if you’re not a Kiwi you should still be outraged.

Right this very second Parliament is meeting under urgency to determine our rights to internet access.

Right THIS VERY SECOND Parliament is effectively making every New Zealander who has downloaded ANYTHING a criminal.
How does that make you feel?

Do you like your new title? Criminal.
How dare you inadvertently break the law, what with your sharing photos of your graduation with your gran. How dare you share songs that you like with your friends, even if they’re creative commons. How dare you think that internet is damn near a human right in this supposedly first world country.

Now obviously, as a geeky kid who damn near lives on the internet, I’m going to be full of emotional rage about the very idea of my lifeline being cut off.
But I’m not the only one. Not by a long shot. Continue reading

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Pro-choice isn’t an option

Lots of things are amazing.

The first crunchy leaf of Autumn.
Perfectly cooked chocolate mudcake.
John Key‘s lack of touch with the Kiwi reality.
Magnets, I mean how do they even work?
Huge dragonflies.
That abortion falls under the Crimes Act in New Zealand.

Yep, you read it right. In New Zealand abortion is still included in the Crimes Act, making it technically illegal UNLESS you fall under the exceptions currently provided for. Fortunately that covers just about everyone, usually the one about mental damage should the pregnancy be carried to term.

What I find astounding is the fact that it still falls under the Crimes Act. Abortion isn’t a criminal issue, it’s a health issue. Continue reading


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Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

Okay, first things first. You need to read this post from the ever lovely Fae – You wanna know what’s sexy?

I don’t want to see you back until you’ve read it, had a chuckle and felt some serious empowerment going on. Once you’ve done that come back and read the rest of this post. Continue reading

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