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Fresh beginnings

It’s weird to think that I’ve actually had this blog for the better part of two years.

But, while the posts have been sporadic, it’s really not a reflection of me. At all. I’ve been writing as the person that I tried portraying myself as to my classmates at Uni. And, while I liked the confidence and being able to hide behind this persona, it’s time to let that person die the literary death they should have long ago.

So with 2011 comes a fresh start and, hopefully, a more accurate reflection of the me I am.

So hi.

I’m Fallen Red Ninja.
My friends call me various names, depending on where they know me from and how well. The most common are Estrun, Aeval and Ninja.

I’m 21 going on 22. A soon to be post-grad student at Unitec, New Zealand.

I love coffee, theatre, crafts, music, Mexican Wolves and a boy.
I dislike chocolate, iTunes, skyscrapers, humans and angry eels.

Recently, thanks to some actually fantastic friends, I’ve rediscovered my lust for writing.
So expect to see a chunk of that on here. I’m trying flash fic. Getting back into poetry. And devouring articles for smoko.
And maybe some lyrics. We’ll see.



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