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The new image of Tearaway Magazine

Some of you cats will have no idea what on earth Tearaway Magazine is. Hell, I’m not sure that I even know what Tearaway is anymore…

For 6 years, from when I was 8 until I was 14ish, I collected Tearaway religiously. It was a free magazine that covered youth issues, admittedly aimed at teens but well suited to my intellectual needs. It was my connection with other people that thought how I did. It was the one form of semi-intelligent media that was relevant to my needs.

I believed in it so much that I applied to write for them when I was 13. I wanted to offer balanced political commentary on issues that were going to affect kids my age and give them ideas for forms of action they could take. Unfortunately they didn’t think that there was a place for that in the magazine at the time so I ended up writing short articles about all sorts of stuff, along with sporadic movie and CD reviews. Continue reading



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