30 Days of Me: Day 19

“Nicknames you have and why you have them”

Oh my.
Over my years I’ve collected a great deal of nicknames, however many of them have gone the way of the original creators. Which is to say, well out of my life and the gods only know where!

There are a couple that I rather enjoyed though. Och, pronounced ‘oak’, which was short for Ochre was a favourite. Along with Blambie and Koinu.

These days I run mostly under variations my primary handle, which is Fallen Red Ninja. Some cats call me Red, others Ninja and even more call me Ninja-Pants. Continue reading



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30 Days of Me: Day 18

Ohai interwebs! So nice of you to work for me today!! (The wireless connection at Mum’s is a bit shit, unfortunately)

“Plans/Dreams/Goals that you have”

There’s so many things that I want to do!
So I guess I’ll pick three. One short term, one somewhere in the middle and one long term.

Short Term

Survive the next 4 months of study, doing well enough to get offered a place in a Masters program of my choosing. Preferably an overseas one with a full scholarship but getting accepted will suffice. Continue reading


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More excuses that may taste like chicken …

I’m not sure if there will be a post tonight due to the lack of interwebs that my netbook is currently experiencing and the nigh on impossibility of typing it on my phone.

Sorry Cookies.

I’ll get one up if the wireless deigns to allow me.


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30 Days of Me: Day 17

“Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why”

I'm on a wolf and I'm going fast and

San, aka Princess Mononoke, was taken in by a pair of Wolf animal Gods. Raised as one of their own, fighting for their causes. What's not to love?

Continue reading


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I lied. Have some cute.

Because Sunday, fuzzy Sunday.
Or, mostly, because I found a couple of photos that Step emailed to me and they are ADORABLE.

So, yanno, enjoy. Continue reading

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30 Days of Me: Day 16

“Another photo of yourself”

 Homemade hat, motherfuckers!

There was a request for a "cute" phoot of me, so I yoinked Sachan and this is what we came up with.

Homemade cat hat, favourite shirts and my beloved collar of doom. What’s not to love? Continue reading


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30 Days of Me: Day 15

So the astute amongst you may have noticed that there was no post yesterday.
This was for two reasons.

Blurry but I do love this picture

Even though it's blurry, you can kinda make me out behind the drums {Photo thanks to Darth M}

The first being, simply, that I set it up to auto-post at 8pm. Only I set the wrong date… apparently it was going to post Monday morning. Herpderp.

The second, also being the post I’d set to auto-post, was that I didn’t have anything to post for yesterday. You see the last thing that vaguely approaches a family photo was taken back in 2006, before my parents split up. There’s a couple floating around but not where I have access to them. So I’ll try and get them, create a little collage and I’ll do a bonus/catch up day 31 for this challenge or something. Continue reading

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