30 Days of Me: Day 24

“A letter to your parents”

This is an interesting one, seeing as I don’t actually have the standard nuclear family. So I’ve chosen to write three short letters. One to my Father, one to my (now ex-step) Dad and one to my Mumski.


Dear Father,

I don’t care how many bookcases you own, the question is have you bothered reading any of the books in them? And are you still the dick you were when my Mum was with you?
Coz violence isn’t cool. No matter what your reason.

The daughter you didn’t want.


Dear Angry-Man,

I know we didn’t always see eye to eye, especially when I was younger and only just 5′ something. But you’re mostly a good man, even if you support the wrong side of the government and can be a bit of a dick sometimes.
But I’m proud to say that you’re my Angry Man.
And I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise.

Love always,
Your oldest and bestest (and onliest) daughter.


Dear Mumski,

Cream doesn’t go with olives. Ever.
If you watch what you’re cooking, it doesn’t burn as often.
If you’d learned how to cook earlier, I doubt that I would be as good a cook as I am. So thank you for sucking! And thank you for being an amazing woman.
If I grow up to be half as awesome as you, I’ll be set.

Love you,
Me <33


Young Briony interrupts her normally scheduled update to bring us a post about the snow in Wellington, complete with a very happy looking photo of her! Naww!
While Ms Sofishie is telling us about the contents of her bag, which is a rather impressive list!

And with that I’m off to kip in the hope of getting up early to get some more snow photos. Keep an eye out for an update!

‘Til Tomorrow
Ninja ❤


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