30 Days of Me: Day 19

“Nicknames you have and why you have them”

Oh my.
Over my years I’ve collected a great deal of nicknames, however many of them have gone the way of the original creators. Which is to say, well out of my life and the gods only know where!

There are a couple that I rather enjoyed though. Och, pronounced ‘oak’, which was short for Ochre was a favourite. Along with Blambie and Koinu.

These days I run mostly under variations my primary handle, which is Fallen Red Ninja. Some cats call me Red, others Ninja and even more call me Ninja-Pants.

Ambydextrous Ninjapants in her natural habitat

Sometimes I even literally dress as a Ninja. In this instance it was for a melodrama I was Stage Manager for.

The latter is one of my favourites, harking back to MUDS shenanigans and brilliantly paint spattered jeans from hours of painting set for various shows.

There’s also Ambydextrous, which was a nickname conferred upon me during my time at Radio Control.
I wowed one of the DJs with my ability to do all the things simultaneously, without dropping a beat in my banter, he made an awful joke involving my real name and how dexterous I was and it stuck.

Although my nickname was a damn sight better than some of the other kids, so I’m not complaining!

Someone who can complain about her nickname though, is Ms Sof. Read about her nicknames here and her thoughts on marriage and goats here.
Ms Briony Jae brings us one of my favourite art pieces here and a collection of many pretties here.

So, cats, any of you have interesting nicknames to share?

‘Til Tomorrow
Ninja ❀



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4 responses to “30 Days of Me: Day 19

  1. brionyjae

    *giggles* Oh I loved this. Ambydextrous… HAHA gotta love lame jokes. Can you actually write with both hands?? Och is a rather cool one! πŸ™‚

    • I’m not going to lie, lame jokes are pretty much my favourite.
      Along with really intellectual ones, which is a kinda weird mix XD

      I can indeed write with both hands!
      Although I’m not truly ambidextrous as my writing with my left is slower and messier. But I’m working on it ^,^

      And Och is actually one of my favourites. Twas a pity that most people just don’t get it but what can ya do?

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