30 Days of Me: Day 18

Ohai interwebs! So nice of you to work for me today!! (The wireless connection at Mum’s is a bit shit, unfortunately)

“Plans/Dreams/Goals that you have”

There’s so many things that I want to do!
So I guess I’ll pick three. One short term, one somewhere in the middle and one long term.

Short Term

Survive the next 4 months of study, doing well enough to get offered a place in a Masters program of my choosing. Preferably an overseas one with a full scholarship but getting accepted will suffice.

Mid Term

Gain ethics committee approval for the first trial of Theatre Companies as a long term behavioral modification technique in youth. Get funding for projects and hopefully get some decent crowds in. Also hopefully I’ll come away with my Masters and a Theatre Company that’s going to be doing some great things.

Long Term

Change the world for the better.
Failing that, take over the world using a puppet leader and a 14ft ladder.

Now, onto the next post!! Nicknames and what not. Huhzah
Ninja ❤



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