I lied. Have some cute.

Because Sunday, fuzzy Sunday.
Or, mostly, because I found a couple of photos that Step emailed to me and they are ADORABLE.

So, yanno, enjoy.

Because disgusting levels of cute and all that

What? Hats on dogs is TOTALLY the next big internet thing. Honest.

His jowls are ridiculous. RIDICULOUS I TELLS YA

This thing started from me trying to prove that Nino is, in fact, as pickupable as a cat.

I also realised, in the course of doing this post, that a majority of my photos of Nino involve him wearing one of my hats.
Ergo my mission upon returning home is to get a photo of him wearing each of my hats. Prepare to die from the cute.

You poor sods.

Ninja  ❤


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