30 Days of Me: Day 16

“Another photo of yourself”

 Homemade hat, motherfuckers!

There was a request for a "cute" phoot of me, so I yoinked Sachan and this is what we came up with.

Homemade cat hat, favourite shirts and my beloved collar of doom. What’s not to love?

Right… Right?

Now, to continue the love in with Ms Sofishie’s post from today and a pretty sweet collection of fanfic from Briony. What a way to finish your weekend!

‘Til Tomorrow cats!
Ninja ❤



Filed under Irrelevancy or Madness?

4 responses to “30 Days of Me: Day 16

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  2. brionyjae

    Aaaahhhhhh you’re my idol 😀 EPICness written all over your lovely face!

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