Swift and horridly biased summary of the VSM debate tonight. (#VSM)

Disclaimer: I’m angry. This is not eloquent.

Bill: Take away students rights and representation by other students, unless the Uni funds the SA as happens with Auckland Uni. Compromise of values by necessity.

ACT: Look at how awesome we are, our collective penises are HUGE because we’re fucking you all simultaneously.

NATIONAL: Well we should let ACT have something this parliament and this isn’t going to hurt our voting base

LABOUR: Fuck this shit, students are a huge demographic for us and we can’t afford to lose more. Also it’s more like tax, a little from everyone for the greater good.

GREENS: Government is already trying to fuck the kids over, this is shit. See tax Analogy. Also provides holistic support for students. Important!

MANA: We mostly don’t care, although it’s going to affect funding and support to our youth. Better vote against.

Maori: As above.

PROGRESSIVE: Fuck everyone.
United Future: Rolls with the vote, seems against.
NZ FIRST: For the Bill, no reasons given.
Chris Carter: Against the Bill, no reasons given.


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