30 Days of Me: Day 12

“How you found out about blogging and why you made one”

Have sketchpad, will write

Even now I usually have a sketchpad/journal & a pen on me. This shot's from our epic New Years detour. It was amazing.

As a child I wasn’t the sort to go out and rough house with the neighbourhood kids, mostly because there weren’t any my own age but also because I loved living in my own world. A world reached by losing myself in a story, be it a book or one of my own devising.

So, naturally, I kept journals. Writing for hours on end about everything I’d seen, heard or experienced that day. Or fanciful tales. Either were just as valid.
As I got older I didn’t write as much about what I’d observed or invented, I wrote more about how I felt and what had happened.

One day I came home from football training to find my Mum sitting on the floor of my bedroom, reading my journal.
I had, stupidly, left it sitting on my desk in the morning instead of hiding it away. There were some heated words exchanged and I vowed never to keep a paper journal again.

So I didn’t. I registered with LiveJournal (after googling “online journal”) and posted to my little hearts content on there.

The New Zealand Christmas Tree...

Bonus Picture: Here's one of the Pōhutukawa trees we spotted on our detour. They're such a gorgeous tree.

My blogging has evolved a lot over the last ten years.
My original LiveJournal, I’m ashamed to say, was the stereotypical angsty teenager bemoaning all things.
Then I developed an interest in politics and my journal became a place to rant about people and plot my eventual take-over of the world.
After that it was angst, politics, sport, science and everything else that caught my fancy.

And now, well, I’ve got different blogs for different things.
I keep a Penzu for my angsty rages. Posterous is for my writing and my theatre stuff, along with a scrapbook of inspiration. WordPress is home to the most accurate view of who I am though, even more so by the time I’ve finished this 30 day challenge.
Sure, it sometimes means my thoughts are scattered but it also gives me far more freedom to write without worrying about boring people.

Because, in the end, as much as blogging is about me it’s also about you poor buggers who actually read the dribble that flows from my brain.
You loons.

Don’t forget to go check out what Ms Sof has posted today and the lovely Briony’s post, complete with the most adorable photo ever! I’m serious. You’re going to die from the adorable.

’til tomorrow cats
Ninja ❤


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