30 Days of Me: Day 11

“Another photo of you and your friends”

Also known as that hell hole of food death

Me (in the black) and Rara (with the scarf) pulling faces at Fox, with the rest of the boys in the background.

This one is a picture of some of the loons I’ve fallen in with in Auckland.
We had a Noir evening at my flat to celebrate the release of LA Noir. Complete with ambient jazz music, delicious nibbles and the terribly swanky clothing. After a few drinks and a few hours of playing, someone decided that our cheese platter wasn’t enough and that we should head to the nearest Denny’s.

Unfortunately I made the mistake of piping up with “I’ve never been to Denny’s”

So off we went.
(Don’t worry, we always have sober drivers)

This is parsley, see

Ossy showing us how he'd quit smoking.

For those of you who have never been to a Dennys, they’re this faux 50’s diner style eatery. Most of the food is ridiculously overpriced, the waiters don’t care and there’s always someone’s drink that gets forgotten.
On the upside they’re open 24/7 and their curly fries are stupidly cheap as well as delicious.

So we went there for a few hours. Goofed around. Made fun of each other and all the things.
It was a cool night. And no one died of food-poisoning, so epic wins all round!

Continuing on from epic wins, Sofishie’s last two posts can be found here and here. Ms Briony’s can be found here and here.
I fell like a complete dork for forgetting to link yesterday. You have my permission to beat me if I do it again.

Anyway…. Any of you guys had any epic costume parties? Tell me about them! I’d love to hear!

’til tomorrow
Ninja ❤



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4 responses to “30 Days of Me: Day 11

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  2. brionyjae

    Oh my goodness. Dennys has curly fries! *GASP* The only place I know in Welly that has them is Hogs Breath, and they’re super expensive there!

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