30 Days of Me: Day 08

“Short term goals for this month and why”

Considering there’s only one day left of July, they’d have to be very short term goals indeed!
However I’ve got a few things already lined up for August, so let’s go with those.

One of the biggest is that I need to do more writing. A blog post a day is a good start, that’s true, but I haven’t written a piece of prose outside of my blogs since NaNoWriMo. I’m considering WeSeWriMo, which takes place over August, with the goal of writing 2 podcasts a week and getting at least 4 recorded by the end of the month. I also need to start mulling over my framework for NaNoWriMo this year, although I’m not sure if I’m going to enter yet due to November being our major assessment month and all.

So many shinies, so many flawed points

-Not my picture- For those of you who aren't familiar with Steampunk. Go google it. Do it now and squee.

On the other hand, I’ve thought of a dozen new ways to kill zombies and several new characters. So we’ll see.

Next on the list is finishing my update of Kult, gathering the other 2 players we need, and getting a new RP group together. I haven’t done much gaming at all over the last year or so, so it’s going to be interesting being the GM. Fortunately by the time I’ve finished the re-write, I’m going to know it inside out! And I’ll have a handy, dandy cheat sheet! HUHZAH!

The why for both these goals is simple: it keeps my brain fed.

Sure, I read a lot and engage in intellectual discussions but there’s nothing like creating an alternative universe or parallelling our own realities to stretch the neural connections. And I enjoy sketching out new characters or scenics, so it’s great for motivating that too.

My other main goal is to fit in at least two short tramps. Ideally I’d go on one every week but theatre involves a lot of weekends and late nights, so that’s not realistic.

So very pretty

The semi-elusive Fairy Falls. The track to them is gorgeous, although rather muddy in Winter. We'll get there, one day!

What is realistic, however, is hitting up a few of the hundreds of tracks in the Waitakere Ranges with Fox, the puppy and one of my cameras. So here’s hoping the weather will play nice! I’m still hanging out to actually get to Fairy Falls, the track was rained out our last expidition.

There’s other things I’ve got written on my to-do and if-only lists, but I won’t bore you with those.
Instead, why don’t you tell me about your goals for August?

While you’re thinking, you can read Sofishie’s post here and Briony’s is here.



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4 responses to “30 Days of Me: Day 08

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  2. brionyjae

    Ohh! What about CampNaNoWriMo? It’s running in August… and gosh, I’ve also been tossing up whether or not to do it! August is a relatively nice month in terms of only having 3 assignments… but then, would I have time to write, AND keep up my blog, on top of study?

    Hmmm. I’d be way more tempted to do it if you were! …not that I’ve got any plots xD hahaaa. Except, er, fanfic… but I feel like it doesn’t really ‘count’… but it’s tempting. ^^

    And wow, Fairy Falls look amazing!! 🙂

    • I did think about Camp NaNoWriMo but I’ve really been wanting to create web-centric content, hence why I chose to do WeSeWriMo instead.

      In saying that, I’ve been talking with a couple of other writing cats about doing our own writing challenges year round.
      So we’d take turns at picking themes, set our own word limit and organise a time frame to meet online for word-wars and generally cheering each other on.
      And I like you, so you’re certainly more than welcome to join the madness!
      (Plus I think the other two are planning on writing FF ❤ )

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