30 Days of Me: Day 06

“Favorite super hero and why”

This one’s really tricky, partially because I don’t have a single favourite super hero and partially because my hero’s aren’t really all that super.
Here’s my list, give me your thoughts.

Batman & Dr Horrible

An enigma with a way better secret identity than that Superman dude.

Anti-heroes are still heroes, right?

I love the fact that Batman and Dr Horrible are self made hero figures, trying to make the best of what they’ve got in a world that’s shown them no love.
Neither of them have any powers, just brilliant minds and a determination to make a difference.

Possibly my favourite anti-hero.

Batman is all about the greater good, trying to kick some villians asses to save the populace of Gotham City. Although he’s not the greatest of heroes, he’s the sort of hero that Gotham needs and kinda deserves.

Dr Horrible, with his “Ph.D in Horribleness” just wants to be accepted by his evil genius peers. So he creates plan after magnificent plan, hoping to finally gain the better of the douchbag ‘hero’ character Captain Hammer and win the girl. 

Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter

One of the toughest, ass kickingest girls to come out of modern crack-fic. Anita Blake shows that it’s perfectly acceptable for women to be sexual, tough and intelligent to boot.

Always ready to kick some butt.

Anita Blake novels fall into my favourite category of novels – Fantasy.
Here you have a world where vampires and lycanthropes of various types live intermingled with humanity. Some humans know, lots of them don’t want to.
Black treads the shadows between the two lives, killing rogue vampires while still trying to retain her humanity. I love how real she is. Blake has ethical dilemmas; has to make decisions between love and lust; needs to figure out her priorities even though all she wants to do is stay home and chill out. She’s an amazingly well written character, especially in the earlier books of the series, who makes me want to kick some ass.

Gaiman’s Death

Another kick ass literary leading lady, Death is from the hugely popular Sandman series.

Without Death there can be no life.

Her first appearance was August 1989, a couple of months after I was born. She appears as an adorable punk-rock/goth girl, come to cheer up her younger brother Dream aka the Sandman.

I love how Death is an amalgamation of a few different death mythos, combined with a large middle finger to the favoured Grim Reaper figure that the west has adopted. She’s funny, charming and deep while still being whimsical at times. I think I adore her so because her personality is rather similar to mine in places, while being unpredictable enough that even now I go “whuuuu”.

Captain Planet

I was obsessed with Captain Planet as a kid. I’m not sure what came first, the environmentalist side of me or my introduction to the cartoon. Either way, Captain Planet and his Planeteers had a huge impact on my life. And my family’s by proxy. 

To this day, I can sing the song perfectly

Mum told me a story about how, at the precocious age of 6, I dragged her to an anti-deforestation protest with Gramdad, telling her that ‘..we have to go be angry Mum, they’re going to run over all the birds and they’ll have no where to sleep”. We’ve helped clean beaches, dug walkways and I’ve been trying to get involved with Forest & Bird, although study hasn’t been the most conducive to that effort!

Even now I’m -that- recycling all the things person who cleans up after parties, even when they’re at other people’s houses, because I like to know that stuff is going to be recycled rather than biffed.

Ian Mune

Is a fucking God.

Not a super-hero, anti-hero or anything more than a man. But what a man.
He was a pioneer of the performing and screen arts in New Zealand, creating opportunites so that the New Zealand voice could be represented on the world stage.

“In the end, the important stories are told by people who have to tell them. If they don’t have to, then maybe they shouldn’t.”

– Ian Mune

If I grow up to be even half as awesome, I’ll be a happy person for it.

Don’t forget to go read Sofishie’s blog entry for today! I was rather amused to find that we share a couple of favourite heroes, although not entirely surprised. I did tell you that she’s a lady of great taste.

And of course Ms Briony’s post for today, about her favourite books.

‘Til tomorrow!
Ninja ❤



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3 responses to “30 Days of Me: Day 06

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  2. brionyjae

    Captain Planet, he’s our hero! Gonna take pollution down to zero!
    Ohh I loved this show. Brilliant. Is it out on DVD? It sure as hell should be 😀
    The power is yours!

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