30 Days of Me: Day 04

“A habit that you wish you didn’t have”


The structure of my lifeblood.

Hurr… well I’ve spent the last few weeks kicking one habit that I wanted to be rid of.

My C8H10N4Oor caffeine habit.
At one point I was drinking 5 or 6 cups a day, plus a large can of rockstar. Then there was the sporadic cans of V, bottles of coke and cups of tea as I fought an increasingly difficult battle to stay alert.

So when my last show closed, I made a decision. I went cold turkey for a week, it was hellish. Caffeine detox is a pretty nasty thing, although it also demonstrated how reliant I’d become.

Now I’m allowed a serving of caffeine a day. Just the one. So I’m back to drinking coffee because I like the taste of it, rather than because I need it. It’s been a good change. My habit was too pricey to maintain. Not to mention the mood swings and chemical dependence on my morning cup. Or three.

So. Onto the next habit I wish I didn’t have.

Keeping all the things.

All of the things?

My room isn't as bad as this. Most of the time.

Well, not all of them.

I throw out rubbish, recycle on a regular basis and sporadically sort through clothes to give them away.

What I do, however, is keep all sorts of things based on the thought that “this might be useful”.
There’s been a lot of times when the things I’ve kept have come in handy, especially in the theatrical side of things. I’ve pulled entire shows worth of props from the junk in my room. It also means that I have a hell of a lot of stuff.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I owned a house, then I could just have a Studio room and keep everything in there.
Or if I could afford an awesome storage system with everything all labelled and logically sorted.

Instead everything lives in various boxes and suitcases, stuffed into whatever space I can find to keep them in. I have to guess what exactly is in where at what point in time, which makes crafting a pain in the ass.

In saying all of this, I’m not really in any hurry to give it up. I like being able to say “Oh, I’ve got that!” when we need props for shows. I like not having to buy the stuff I need almost every time I feel like making something, or trying out a new technique. Most of all, I like the stories that go with a lot of the things

I know this probably leaves me about 3 steps away from become a crazy cat lady but, yanno, I don’t give a toss.

Also, while you’re here, go check out Ms Briony’s Day Two and Day Three posts.
She’s got impeccable taste if I do say so myself.

‘Til tomorrow
Ninja ❤



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3 responses to “30 Days of Me: Day 04

  1. brionyjae

    Ahh, good old caffeine! Thanks for sharing – I’ll be sure to stick to my tea, hopefully that’s not as bad as coffee… I don’t fancy having to go through withdrawals xD

    P.S. I love crazy cat ladies 😉

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