30 Days of Me: Day 2

“The meaning behind your blog name”

For those times when hitting yourself in the face just won't do


Headdesk : Verb
Definition: The unification of ones head with the nearest hard object, usually horizontally, as a means of venting frustration. Often used online, however physical instances have been known to occur.
See also: Facepalm

Why did I choose it for my blog name?
There’s a few reasons actually.

The first is simple: *head/desk* is my most used emote during online discussions on more serious topics.
My favourite is political debates, especially when you get the people that subscribe to the “Repeat the same thing over and over, worded slightly differently” style of argument. You find these people everywhere on the internet but they seem to hold a particular affinity for the blogs and news feeds that I read.

The second: I often felt like doing it when I played FPS MMOs.
In fact I’m sure I actually did it a few times. Okay, I know I did it a lot. Much to the rest of my clans amusement. There’s nothing quite like spawning at the point on the map that the other teams snipers have picked as their station, for the third freaking time, to make you want to beat the crap outta something while you wait to respawn.

The third: I hoped the name would be the only place that expression would be found.
This blog is my space to rant, rave and share the things that get me riled. Or that make me happy. Or that are just interesting. A place for free discussion, without personal attacks and the pigheaded people that lead to headdesk moments.

The last: I thought it was a pretty sweet name.
Short, sweet, to the point and kinda funny. What else do you need in a name?


You can read the lovely Sofie’s blog post over here, her name’s far more meaningful than mine!
We’ve also picked up another writer. Ladies, gentlemen, Fox, I’d like you to meet the darling Briony-Jae! She’s doing a slightly different challenge to ours, and will be a day or so behind, but it would be really lovely if you cats could give her some of your sweet loving too.

’til tomorrow



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3 responses to “30 Days of Me: Day 2

  1. brionyjae

    I do rather adore your blog name!
    “The unification of ones head with the nearest hard object…” *snickers*
    A thoroughly apt description!

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