30 Days of Me: Intro and why

Howdee cats!
So my poor blogs have been looking a little neglected lately.
Not because I don’t want to write but mostly because I’ve been having a major case of “Can’t brain today, got the dumb” whenever I’ve sat down to do so. Seriously. You should hear some of the things that I’ve been ranting about… or see the drafts and scrawled notes that stare balefully at me whenever I turn the computer on.
After a quick google search I came across a wee meme from 2010 called “30 days of Me” that was aimed at bloggers. There’s a bunch of variants, mostly music based, but this one really struck me.So here’s what y’all have to look forward to for the next month:
I apologise in advance for the feed spam and the degree of over-sharing that this’ll probably entail.
But consider it a rare chance to learn something about me. Or something.Mostly something.


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6 responses to “30 Days of Me: Intro and why

  1. look forward to it 🙂 and i’m going to do it tooooooooooo
    Its been challenging to get into my thesis and it’ll will be nice to be writing again.

    so, spam and oversharing right back at ya.

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  3. brionyjae

    Okay, officially joining in the oversharing campaign! 😉 It’ll kickstart my blog off nicely, hopefully! 😛

    • brionyjae

      In actual fact, I may not do the exact same 30-day blog challenge as you… I’ve found a different one which has tickled my fancy… but I shall still be there with you, in spirit!

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  5. That’s so nice of you to share this. It’s not so hard now for everyone of think what to write. As long as there is a motivation and this guide, it will be perfect. Thank you so much! I’ll be glad to do this myself too. 😉

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