Not-Really-Stroganoff Sauce

This one’s a touch on the pricey side for our poor student budget but, what with it being all wintery outside and all, it’s a great comfort food.
And it’s really versatile, so great for those weeks when I don’t have time to cook every night but don’t want exactly the same thing.

As always, measurements are approximate.

Olive oil
2 Onions, medium to large, diced
4 cloves garlic (2 TBLsp pre-crushed)
3TBLsp Fresh Herbs to your personal tastes (I usually use woolly & pizza thyme, rosemary, oregano and coriander) OR 2TBLsp dried Mixed Herbs
500gm Button Mushrooms
6 Courgettes
2 Carrots, large
1/2 Bottle Red Wine
1kg Sour Cream (Or 500g Sour cream & 500mL Fresh cream)
Sweet Chilli Sauce (I use Trident w/ Ginger)
Soy Sauce
Cracked Pepper

– In a large pot saute the onions in a little olive oil, over a low heat, until they start to go translucent. Add the garlic and herbs and continue to saute while you cut the mushrooms, courgettes and carrots into slices. Throw these in the pot and leave until the carrots start going soft. You don’t need to add water as the mushrooms sweat a lot!

– Add everything else, stir well. Taste it.

Optional: Decide that it needs more wine. Pour yourself a glass, give the rest of the bottle to the sauce. Add more chilli sauce and some chicken stock. Stir, taste again. Add more pepper. Drink your wine while you leave it to simmer for about 15minutes. Taste again. Remove from heat. Do a celebratory dance. Find a container large enough to store it all in.

The beauty of this sauce is that it’s a base for almost anything.
You can turn it into a beef or chicken stroganoff by cooking the meat, then adding the sauce to it and heating through. Serve with a generous pile of rice.
It’s a great pasta sauce. Serve as is or add meat. I like it with spinach, chicken and nuts.
Use it as a casserole sauce or pasta bake sauce. I’ve even used it for a lasagne experiment (it was delicious).

It keeps for around a week in the fridge.
You can freeze it but I’ve found that defrosted sauce is only good for a day or so before it separates. And the mushrooms don’t like it.


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