The politics of the internet in New Zealand

If you’re a kiwi you should be outraged.
Even if you’re not a Kiwi you should still be outraged.

Right this very second Parliament is meeting under urgency to determine our rights to internet access.

Right THIS VERY SECOND Parliament is effectively making every New Zealander who has downloaded ANYTHING a criminal.
How does that make you feel?

Do you like your new title? Criminal.
How dare you inadvertently break the law, what with your sharing photos of your graduation with your gran. How dare you share songs that you like with your friends, even if they’re creative commons. How dare you think that internet is damn near a human right in this supposedly first world country.

Now obviously, as a geeky kid who damn near lives on the internet, I’m going to be full of emotional rage about the very idea of my lifeline being cut off.
But I’m not the only one. Not by a long shot.

Jump on twitter and check out the hastag #blackout. There’s commentary from MPs, from everyday Kiwis and from the geeks.
There’s a bunch of interesting links, including to the UK laws and issues surrounding those. Which our soon-to-be law is a very close copy of.  I’ll write a more extensive post surrounding these issues when I get home from Uni.

For a run down of what’s happening, check out Tech Liberty’s summary here.

If you can I think it’s well worth catching the stupidity on Parliament TV, the debate last night really highlighted just how out of touch some of them are and just how easily others will sell their values for a quick buck.

At this rate the Greens will get my vote this election, especially with Gareth Hughes being on fire!
Seriously, the man’s been brilliant. You can check out my favourite speech from him here.

Anyway, I’m sorry for the slightly disjointed post. I’m trying to slam this out in the 10minutes before I need to dive off to class.

Catch y’all tonight, when I’ll be officially a criminal.


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One response to “The politics of the internet in New Zealand

  1. trojancentaur

    Ah, isn’t it fantastic knowing that the bill was all just a big joke, and it never passed?

    What? It was real you say? Oh good sir, you are a fine joker, indeed. Oh look, a floating bunny rabbit! I shall return!

    *goes off chasing invisible nothings in blissful denial*

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