Pro-choice isn’t an option

Lots of things are amazing.

The first crunchy leaf of Autumn.
Perfectly cooked chocolate mudcake.
John Key‘s lack of touch with the Kiwi reality.
Magnets, I mean how do they even work?
Huge dragonflies.
That abortion falls under the Crimes Act in New Zealand.

Yep, you read it right. In New Zealand abortion is still included in the Crimes Act, making it technically illegal UNLESS you fall under the exceptions currently provided for. Fortunately that covers just about everyone, usually the one about mental damage should the pregnancy be carried to term.

What I find astounding is the fact that it still falls under the Crimes Act. Abortion isn’t a criminal issue, it’s a health issue.

Women don’t go to their local Justice of the Peace to get some piece of paper stamped, they go to their doctors. And another one after that.
They don’t go to the police station to have the procedure, nor do the police get involved at any point in the process.
Oh and the aftercare… the physical and psychological assessments aren’t undertaken by any member of the law. It falls to the health system to look after the women from beginning to end.

So surely this makes it a health issue?

Interestingly the Pro-life movement are currently petitioning to have the laws tightened up, to make abortions even less accessible, which really grinds my goat. On one hand I do admire the fact that they’re sticking to their morals. On the other hand it fucks me off that they’re trying to push them onto me, onto my friends and onto the children that I eventually want to bring into this world.

Who are they to force their beliefs onto me?

Not to mention, I don’t believe in their God and I don’t belive that the soul is created in the foetus at the moment of conception. So “Pro-Life” is just a wee bit of a misnomer really, especially considering that the foetus can’t survive outside the human body until at least 24 weeks in.

On the other hand, I don’t belive that pro-choice is an option.

Because  calling it an option insinuates that there’s another answer that is equally valid.

Currently the two choices are: No access whatsoever OR having abortion considered as one of many options for an unwanted pregnancy.
I know which I’d prefer.

(Oh and you show me the point where the law gets directly involved  and I’ll show you some mighty confused public servants. Just sayin’)



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3 responses to “Pro-choice isn’t an option

  1. Too true. Also I approve of magnet jokes in all forms. I mean, how do they work?

  2. Res Publica

    This poses and interesting set of questions that bear a little bit of thought. Things like, where does the line lie between what is legal and what is moral?, does law reflect the morality of the majority, or that of the elite?, and if so should that be the case?

    As an ardent student of the Public Service (and angsty fanboy of the state and its monopoly on legitmacy) I sincerely believe that the role of government is not to legitimise or criminalise the morality of a certain section of its citizenry (especially not one made up of an ever decreasing number of pompous and irritatingly self righteous dickheads), but to pursue an equilibrium that allows for balance, and at the very least a compromise that pleases nobody and upsets everyone equally. Sometimes the only way to know we have a good system is to see who its pissing off.

    If, and oh God (see the irony :p) IF, the government absolutely MUST make moral choices (and oh boy is it absolutely NOT set up for it), it cannot allow a narrow section of society believe it has the ability to legitimately dictate to the rest of us. Otherwise, this wonderful little slippery slope take us back to a pleasant era of human history known as the middle ages. And we thought the parking wardens are zealous…..

    In sum, a foetus, whether its sacred or not can kiss my ass. Im more worried about the seeming ability of self righteousness to trump reason.Is abortion a legal issue? No. Should it be? No. Should a secular state be maing moral judegements? No.

  3. I don’t know how I managed to miss this whole issue, seriously was I under a rock or something?

    I completely agree with pro-life not being a viable option. Apparently The Maori Party is pro-life because abortion means there are less maori babies, what’s that about? o.O

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