National’s “Energy Strategy” seems a waste of energy…

I apologise for another politically flavoured rant, especially considering that my last post was more of the same.
But there are some things that just can’t wait until morning and this is one of them.

National has, unwittingly it seems, had their Energy Strategy leaked into the public eye.
This sort of thing happens all the time, so what’s so different about this? Why is there some two-hundred comments on the article when there isn’t a flame war going on?
Why the hell has it gotten me so wound up that I’m trying to write a coherent rant at 2am?!

To put it bluntly: because this document proposes to fuck up everything that New Zealand is meant to stand for.

Download the original document here, read the article and ensuing discussion over here and come on back after the jump.

I really don’t have a heck of a lot to say about what’s been proposed there that hasn’t already been said in the comments on the Stuff website, you really should read them from the start.


The idea that we continue to expand our reliance upon fossil fuels, essentially tapping the land until it’s empty, is an  astounding concept.
Especially when you consider the public outcry when National proposed a tamer version of that back in 2010, with the proposals to allow mining in some national parks. There were political demonstrations on a scale I’d never seen before in New Zealand, with people from all demographics represented. The biggest concerns were about the damage to the environment that such things would cause, especially if they were open pit mines, and the huge impact that it would have on tourism in this country. Nothing’s changed in such a short time frame so I personally don’t understand the logic behind the intent.

I do like that they’re proposing more money be put into research and development of alternative energy sources.
But it reeks of a man throwing a spoiled piece of meat to the dogs, as it goes glove in hand with the educational funding cuts and continuing threat of asset sales.


I’m honestly not sure where exactly National are trying to take New Zealand. What I do know, however, is that I don’t agree and it’s time to fight lest the buggers get elected again.


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