Today I found out: Contraceptives

I know I’ve already written tonight but MY GAWSH this story is so amazingly batshit that there was no way I couldn’t share it with y’all tonight.

What’s got me so excited? This story about how the “Pull and Pray” method of contraception is about as effective as using a condom.
That’s right. What. The!?

This story is based around research done by the Guttmacher Institute in New York, which is based on the number of babies that were conceived by people who employed this and other methods. It doesn’t take into consideration other practicalities such as STIs and human error.

And that is where my issue with this story lies.

How many kids out there are going to get their hands on the results of this study, through one information source or another, and end up thinking that it’s a perfectly good option?

New Zealand is already going through a huge resurgence in STIs.
Partially in response to a mass embrace of the free-loving ideals of the early 70’s but also because health education is being skimmed through in a lot of our schools. Because the ideals that the older generations are embracing are being filtered down to the youth but sans common sense. Because it just isn’t cool to do stuff like that. Because it isn’t okay to ask someone older how things work.


While there’s no contraception that’s 100% effective against STIs or totally fool-proof, there’s no harm in covering all your bases.
Or your tool.


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  1. Arghhh people know so little in terms of sex ed.

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