A catchup post from my slack self.

Ohai. Yeah, I’ve been slack. I’ll bake everyone sorry cookies to make up for it, you’ve just gotta come to my house to collect them.

In the past while I’ve moved cities, started post-grad, farewelled a friend, made some new friends and learned once more what it is to subsist on nothing.
So I guess I’ll fill you all in from the start. (And by you all I mean the 3 people that read this thing but one can dream)

You may remember from my earlier post that I’d been accepted into post-grad studies at Unitec.
I’m pleased to say that my enrollment issues were sorted… on the first day Uni started yes, but it’s better than being shown the door! I’m studying towards the Graduate Diploma in Creative Practice, specialising in Stage Management. There’s 9 people enrolled in the Grad-Dip, of which two are studying Stage Management. Fortunately my partner in crime is absolutely lovely. She’s pretty much exactly like me, only two years older and with a dislike of coffee and hot food. But everyone has their flaws.

I feel really lucky to be working with someone who operates on the same wavelength. We’ve come from very different theatrical backgrounds, so it will be interesting when we’re working together or even parallel to each other. I’m excited about the challenge.

The other people in the grad-dip are pretty nice but there’s two standouts. Chelsea, who’s the other Stage Manager, and Matt who’s a theatre director.
They’re both the right kinda of crazy, it’s awesome.

One of the hardest things about heading to Unitec for my studies has been moving so far away from Mumski and my little brother, James.
It’s a good 8 hour slog. 6 if you decide to do an overnight run without any stops. So this, combined with the price of petrol and the huge workload of my course, means that my first visit home is a sneaky week off before my end of semester assessments. I can’t go home over mid-semester break (April) as I have rehearsals all through and I can’t go home during the July break as I’m expected to do a professional secondment!

This also means no home cooking.
And with the awesomeness that is Studylink having issues processing my application (again), we’re literally living on nothing.

So I was wondering, would you be interested in seeing recipes from the survival-food I whip up in the kitchen?
My challenge is to feed the two of us on circa $5 a meal, with $10 put aside a week for me to bake delicious snacks with.

So, now I’ve finished yarning your ears off, how is everyone?
<33 Aeval


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