Enrolling for Uni: It’s not rocket science. Or is it?


Tertiary education really.

Why the hell is it so hard to get your enrollment sorted?!
Okay, maybe I’m over reacting a little bit but the fact that they’ve MISPLACED my enrollment and the enrollment period has now closed for the year does freak me out for some strange reason.

Why is it that you practically need a qualification to make heads or tails of the forms and hoops that you need to jump through?
I thought that trying to get Massey sorted was bad enough but at least the help desk was useful and I was in the same city when things did need sorting out in a hurry.
Unitec, pardon my bluntness, is as useless as tits on a damn bull. Probably not helped by the fact I’m currently in another city so can’t just march on up there BUT their helpdesk doesn’t answer emails or phone calls apparently. WTF IS UP WITH THAT?

(Un)Fortunately this doesn’t seem to be just a Unitec thing. A good friend has had troubles enrolling with Vic due to lack of communication. Another in Auzzie is having minor dramas due to late notification of acceptance.

I’m sure it’ll all work out fine in the end for all of us but, for now, it’s just another thing to add to the pile of worries that’s keeping me up at night.


Any of you cats run into pants on head retarded issues with bureaucracy?

Got an amazing email from my course controller that basically said “I’ma go bang some heads together and figure out how they’ve cocked this up so badly. Brb”
At least there is still hope for the administrators. For now.



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5 responses to “Enrolling for Uni: It’s not rocket science. Or is it?

  1. I had similar problems when trying to get accepted into the Law School at Canterbury. My status was always “awaiting award approval”.

    In the end I decided “Fuck them” and withdrew my application. Now I’m continuing my BA. When I applied online for that, my enrollment was accepted immediately!! I just wish I had decided to go that route earlier before my StudyLink application got mixed up. Hopefully all my fees will be paid this coming week and it will all be sorted 🙂

    Hope yours gets sorted out really soon!! xx

    • I’ve heard a few stories along the same lines from Vic and Massey too. It would make life so much easier if someone actually followed up when you needed to do stuff to meet requirements and what not.

      But I guess that would be logical huh?

      Heard back from Steve (head of school) and my application has been logged as received but lost between that point and when it’s actually entered into the system. So I’ve got to do it all over again.

      Thanks so much for the support! xx

  2. Yeah, don’ forget the joy of fees!
    The endless extra bits Studylink wants and could have mentioned weeks ago, and now I sit with eyes and fingers crossed hoping that the final signature will be accepted by the imminent date at which payment is required
    And it all might have been avoided had I jumped the hoops of online application but it’s hard to remember how to access something you use once a year and has more codes than my bank account.

    • I’m not looking forward to dealing with Studylink at all. Last time they cocked up so badly that it took all semester for my application to be processed, only to be told that they weren’t going to pay it because too much of the semester had lapsed!

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your fees get sorted dearest ❤

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